What is a barn roof doing on a log cabin? A great question. Through a series of coincidences which included a meticulously dismantled barn roof, a semi with wide load permits, and a willing crew, this hip or gambrel roof found its way from Menomenee, WI to become the ceiling of the cabin. Its rustic charm can be seen whenever you look up, while a modern, super-insulated roof structure keeps the elements out 24/7. Take a peek at how the roof came to be:


Mary lifting a section of the old barn roof.

Another section of roof going up.

Chuck making the old barn roof fit.

Fitting the top of the inner  roof on. The framing will be filled with foam insulation.

Another section to put on.

What it looks like from below.

The inner roof and insulation framing in place.

The insulation is in.

Sealed in. You can see the inside of the barn roof.

Roof decking on and the front porch taking shape.

The tarp being a tarp and not wanting to stay on.

Adding felt paper.

Roofing over the back deck..

The front porch with a roof.