When you first walk into the cabin, you can't help but notice a tree in the midst of the space with stairs growing out of it. The tree, a ironwood, was leaning and threatening a power line when Chuck spotted it. He rescued it and it has become the focal point of the cabin. The stair treads are made of lumber reclaimed from a nearby furniture factory.  Snowshoes, apple limbs, and other interesting things have made their way into the spiral staircase. You'll have to count the number of spirals the ironwood makes from roots to tip.

A view of the loft and staircase.

"Planting" the tree for the stairs.

The tree lives!

Another view of the staircase and the main entrance.

The staircase from the loft - not quite finished.

Coming down the stairs from the loft.

The base of the stairs on the first floor.