What an adventure! Meander through the photos to see the highlights of how locally sourced pine logs, repurposed factory beams, a barn hip roof, and an ironwood tree all became the Amherst Riverdance.


model of cabin

Testing out to see if we have enough logs to make a cabin.

The other side of the model.

How many logs do we have?

Setting the first log.

"Planting" the tree for the stairs.

The tree lives!

Chuck backfilling the foundation. The door frames to the deck are ready for logs to be built around them.

The doorways with logs. The crew(l-r): Arnie, Marvin, Leroy, and Mary.

Mary lifting a section of the old barn roof.

Another section of roof going up.

Chuck making the old barn roof fit.

Fitting the top of the inner  roof on. The framing will be filled with foam insulation.

Another section to put on.

What it looks like from below.

The inner roof and insulation framing in place.

Time to get the whirlpool tub down to the first floor.

Mary and Jean adding nails for chinking.

Adding the dining area.

Ben and Chuck framing the dining area.

The insulation is in.

Insulation from the inside.

Sealed in. You can see the inside of the barn roof.

Doors are in.Setting more nails.

Adding windows to the dining area.

Mary ready to work on the back deck.

Roof decking on and the front porch taking shape.

The tarp being a tarp and not wanting to stay on.

Adding felt paper.

Roofing over the back deck..

Oh look, another spiral staircase. Where could we use that? (Hint: it went on the outside.)

Mary staining the gable side of the roof.

The front porch with a roof.

Solar hot water heating over the dining area.

Future countertops, tables, and benches.

The staircase from the loft - not quite finished.

Coming down the stairs from the loft.

The base of the stairs on the first floor.

The loft floor is in!

Mary painting the loft.

The shower awaiting installation on the main floor.

Starting the tile pattern in the main level bathroom.

Mary cutting tile.

The tile pattern is taking shape.

Mary cleaning tile after installation.