Amherst Riverdance came to be because of the passion of two people who have worked and played as team for many years - Chuck and Mary Egle.  They are a dynamic duo - Chuck with his enthusiasm, zeal, and readiness to jump into anything, and Mary with her quiet determination to connect with people and make sure everything gets done.

We also have to thank the Cameron House for being in the path of Wisconsin DOT's Highway 10 expansion plan and being petitioned to be on the National Register of Historic Places.  That started this adventure currently known as Amherst Riverdance.

About Chuck

Life is an adventure for Chuck. It's probably because he likes saying yes to new projects and ideas.  As central Wisconsin's premier landscape designer, he's created many things that Egle Landscaping's talented staff and crew have beautifully implemented. Always a conservationist, his passion for old buildings was ignited by his sister's desire to start the Victorian Swan on Water bed & breakfast. With that renovation under his belt, he was ready to conserve natural resources and old buildings.

What you'll notice is that Chuck is a visual artist.  One has to step back to see this because Chuck does things in large scale. Instead of brushes, he uses highly talented work crews and power equipment. Wood, plants and hardscapes work as his canvas. He has worked this into all of the aspects of Amherst Riverdance.

Chuck also loves stories.  Rest assured that this place a created quite a few. You'll be able to read about some of them in this site; you can always hear more "from the horse's mouth".

About Mary

Mary is the great connector in this pair.  This is her art. She makes sure the details are handled, asks the right questions, makes sure that people are taken care of.  She finds the perfect things to fill in and connect the big projects that Chuck takes on. 

Mary is also an artist in her own right.  Her specialty can be found in music.  She has taught thousands of kids and adults to perform and appreciate their own music through the public school system and privately.  She continues this teaching privately today.

Some of the Help

There are many people who have helped make Amherst Riverdance into what it is today. Here's a partial list:

Thank you all!